Alive Outdoors… Welcome!

First post for this blog. I have another blog that covers my model railroading hobby, but since I’m getting back into the outdoors (the real world…), I thought I’d like to have a separate place to record my thoughts, successes and failures, stories, pictures and so on.
So here we are.
Not sure where this will go. Maybe a little history is in order. As a child, I camped and fished with my uncle, joined the Boy Scouts and made Eagle Scout, and then went off to college. While at college, my main source of recreation was backpacking, at least for short distances. I was usually working when not in class, so there were no epic journeys — at least not long ones. Maybe there should have been, but that is water under the bridge. I dabbled in other things, mountain biking, rock climbing and so on, but my lack of physical fitness coupled with my lack of desire to do anything about it rather precluded any objective success in those matters.
So mostly I threw the tent, a bit of food and a change of clothes into the pack and headed off to follow a trail for a couple of days. Sometimes alone, sometimes with friends. Fast forward a bit. I met a lovely lady, we married, we had twins, she got sick. That pretty much shut down the weekend adventures. Instead, I turned to triathlon for a brief time, and bagged a small handful of sprint tris and running races. Again, no fitness, not enough desire (nor time), so objectively I “survived” them.
Then I became diabetic.
For the last few years I’ve been struggling with that. Medications, side effects, blood sugar levels, weight loss and abortive attempts at exercise. Frankly I haven’t done all that well at it. One thing I’ve learned though is that I do better getting active if I have a goal, and tomorrow’s glucose reading just isn’t a strong enough goal.
Instead I’m going to try something different and go back to an old love. I’m headed back outdoors, with the wife’s blessing and hopefully wih the kids at my heels (or racing ahead of me!). This could all end in abject failure, and I’m sure there will be a lot of setbacks and lazy days ahead. But maybe, just maybe, some success, some fun, and some better health ahead as well.
On a technical note, from time to time I’ll be adding some health measures on here. Glucose readings, weight, exercise records and such, but except for milestones that stuff is rather boring, and works better recorded somewhere else. Still, it’s good for accountability, so I’ll do it.
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