You can’t really get anywhere without some concrete goals, both short term and long term.

A long term goal that I have is an alpine “trek” of some kind.  Specifically what I have in mind is summiting Mt. Hood or a similar mountain that has a route suitable for a novice mountaineer.  To me, this is a bucket-list sort of thing.  I don’t intend to, nor do I expect I could ever afford either the time or the money to become a “real mountaineer” and knock off all of the 14’ers or the Seven Summits or anything remotely like that.  But still, I would like to experience strapping on some crampons, grabbing an ice axe, and slogging to the top of a snow-encrusted mountain.

So that’s loosely penciled in for a few years from now, perhaps when the kids are in college.

Shorter term.  In 19 weeks, I will be 40 years old.  “Over the hill.”

At this moment, I am 6 feet, 200lb, with a 44″ belly (or was that 48″?), and poorly controlled glucose levels.  I can walk 3 miles if I don’t mind being exhausted, but there’s no way I’m running it.  10 pushups, no problem.  11 is out of the question.  And forget about doing a decent pull-up. Or swim more than 25 yards without stopping to catch my breath.

By my birthday, I plan to reach the following goals:

  • Run a 5K.
  • 20 good, slow push-ups.
  • 10 good, solid pull-ups.
  • Swim 1 mile continuously.
  • 180lb or less.
  • Glucose back under control without increasing meds.

There you go.  I’ve already started a “Couch to 5K” program, and am planning to hit a 5K fun run in October.  We’re re-joining the Y after Labor Day, and I’m hiring out some private swim lessons.  The rest will be handled through diligent exercise and proper eating along the way.

I expect that these immediate-term goals over the next 20 weeks will give me the beginnings of a solid fitness and health base from which I can start some more regimented training.

Wish me luck!!

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One Response to Goals

  1. siauntie says:

    Ok straight talk here…40 is only “over the hill” if you make it that way and let it become your mindset and your “reality”. Don’t buy into that “now I’m old” crap, it’s a bunch of hooey that the magazines, etc. try to tell us. You keep up with your workouts and food and you’ll be a new man. Is it easy? NO, does it take discipline? YES, is it fun? CAN BE/YES, is it worth it? ABSOLUTELY

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