My wife gets me

My wife loves me.  She has put up with so many changes in my hobbies and interests that I have lost count, and yet every time I take up something new, she’s right there supporting me and loving on me.

I already have a Gorillapod.

I’ve taken up photography as my latest hobby.  My wife was in the local camera shop soliciting donations for our kids’ school the other day, and she picked up this little guy at the checkout counter:

It’s a fully functional micro-size tripod that hooks to your keychain!

Did I mention I already have a Gorillapod?  Yeah, the Gorillapod is great, but it doesn’t fit in my pocket, which means I usually don’t have it when I need it.  This little guy is TINY.  And it’s got extendable legs and everything.  Check it out!


I had this clamp thing to hold my iPhone on the Gorillapod.  Guess what. It fits this little guy, too…


So, actually it does double duty… I can use it as a tripod when taking iPhone pics, and I can also use it as a screen stand when I want to watch movies or YouTube…

Now, reality check. This thing is tiny. It’s not going to balance a full-size DSLR, and it’s probably not going to work on an unstable base.  But still, it’s a neat little gadget.  And the best part is how every time I look at it, it screams “MY WIFE GETS ME!”

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