These colors don’t run (3/3)

There’s a small bit of a story behind this photo.

Last night I went to bed thinking about what I could do for a cool July 4 themed photo.  Our town puts these little hand-size flags all over the major streets and main neighborhood streets each year as part of the decorations.  As I lay there in bed, I pictured one particular street where I thought I could get a shot of a long string of these winding off into the distance at sunrise.

Of course, thinking about it kept me up most of the night and I slept through sunrise, the magic hour, and a couple of hours after that, too.

I hadn’t counted on the rain, either.

Lexington has been socked in all day with rain.  Bad news: electronic devices like digital cameras don’t react well to getting wet.  Nor do I.  Good news:  Clouds act like a gigantic heavenly soft box, producing some very nice soft light, if you can take advantage of it.

Needless to say, I was more than a bit trepidatious about getting out in the rain with my brand new camera, but I waited for a slack moment and went for it.  Picture me on the sidewalk, crouching down in the rain, holding the camera down between my knees, framing the shot in the flip-out LCD display while trying to shelter the camera with my body.  I’m sure I cut a rather silly sight.

But I did it.  I gave myself an assignment.  I got out in … less than ideal weather conditions.  I persisted.  I went back… in the rain…  when the first batch of shots weren’t quite what I wanted.  And I got a few shots I’m not terribly disappointed with.

You can see a few more of them in my Flickr Photostream.

Happy Independence Day, y’all!

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