Welcome to Alaska!

Untitled by BGTwinDad
Untitled, a photo by BGTwinDad on Flickr.

Here’s a shot (the first of several, likely) from our trip to Alaska this summer.  This is the view of the small boat harbor from Chinook’s Restaurant in Seward, AK.  Best halibut fish and chips the whole trip.  And it ought to be, since they bring the fish right in off the boat.

This was the first real night of the trip, Monday.  We had driven down from Anchorage (after a crazy long night flying in) along AK-1 through the Kenai Fjords.  Absolutely stunning scenery. Tall, snow-capped mountains rising almost straight out of the water, the road winding in and out along the coast and then climbing into the mountains.

The first evening in Seward, we enjoyed dinner here at Chinook’s and then wandered down to the seashore to hang out and get the feel of the place.  It was overcast, but there was plenty of sunlight, and a nice gentle breeze coming off Resurrection Bay.  I took some pictures, and got some nice quiet time catching up with my sister.


We stayed at the Hotel Seward, which had nice decor, fine comfy beds and a good view. The next day we were up early for one of the highlights of the trip – an all day whale watching tour. But more on that later.


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