Thanks, Mom and Dad!

P1020910 by BGTwinDad
P1020910, a photo by BGTwinDad on Flickr.

A shout out to the two who made this possible.  These are my parents.  Don’t they look happy?  They spent nearly 4 decades working hard, raising two kids, and salting away a nest egg, and then another decade living simply (but comfortably) and wisely, in part just so that they could share the awesome that is Alaska with their kids and grandkids without much worry.

This trip wouldn’t have happened without them and their wisdom and good parenting.  There aren’t really words.  For a lot more reasons than just this trip, and many far more important reasons than just this trip, I know that I have the best parents on the planet.

Thanks, Mom and Dad!

(Photo taken at the Northwestern Glacier in Alaska).

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One Response to Thanks, Mom and Dad!

  1. Pete says:

    I just hope my children and grandchildren see me as you see your parents. Like yourself they have all come to Alaska to visit me, in my little cabin in the woods. I have tried to open there eyes to Alaska one of Gods great gifts.

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