Racing Home


This is the Legend, a charter fishing boat owned by the Saltwater Safari Company of Seward, AK. She raced us home at the end of our whale watching tour.  Given the fantastic weather, I’m sure her customers had a very nice day fishing out in the bay.

There’s not really a story here, except that I just like this picture.  The sun was beginning to get a little lower and softer, and the bright colors of the boat striping, the man’s jacket and the orange buoys contrasts with the more muted colors of the water and the forested hillside background.  And I love the water breaking on the bow as she cuts through the water, though in retrospect a panning shot at slow speed to blur that water a bit might have been even better.

Here are a couple more boat shots from the harbor to enjoy as well.

USCG Cutter “Mustang” was in port that day. Semper Paratus!

Wish I’d gotten the name of this tug.

Plenty of small boats in the harbor, too!

I think that’s about it for Seward. Next post I’ll try to move inland a bit.

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