My Newest Toy

P1050804 by BGTwinDad
P1050804, a photo by BGTwinDad on Flickr.

Sigma 35-70 f2.8-4 “Zoom Master”.  Manual focus.  With a Fotodiox  MD to Micro-4/3 mount adaptor attached. I scored this on eBay for $15.  It’s in pretty good shape.  No obvious damage or wear, no fungus, very little dust on the optics, and a smoothly working aperture.  The zoom/focus ring is a little bit loose but plenty serviceable.  A shout out to eBay seller akramlahoud for a square deal of “as advertised” merchandise and prompt shipping.

I bought this lens in hopes that the fast f2.8 aperture (at 35mm) would help with some of the poor gymnasium lighting when I’m shooting my daughter’s volleyball games… and the slower f4 at 70mm is no worse than any of the rest of my glass.  We’ll see how that goes at the next available game.  The last game I shot, I was mostly up around 105mm, but I was shooting from well up in the stands.  This lens will be mostly for closer, court-side shooting.


This particular lens has a Minolta MD mount, so I had to order a new adaptor to connect it to my Lumix G5 (which is a micro-4/3 mount body).  The adaptor just arrived this evening, so I took the new kit out for a test drive.  The adaptor is a Fotodiox brand from I’ve got two of their Canon FD adaptors and so far they’ve worked well.

I only had about 10 minutes while dinner baked in the oven, so I took some test shots of a handy Diet Coke can, just to get an early idea of how well the lens works.  Here are a few of those test photos. Mostly they just show how badly I need to wash my car…

35mm, f2.8, 1/125, ISO500, about 8 feet to subject.

70mm, f4, 1/125, ISO800, from the same position as above.

35mm, f2.8 1/125, ISO650, close focus

35mm, f22, 1/50, ISO1600, close focus

Now, I know this lens isn’t going to stand up against Canon “L” glass or anything, but for the money… 🙂

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