Kathleen Lake

Kathleen Lake, Yukon Territory, Canada.

Kathleen Lake by BGTwinDad
Kathleen Lake, a photo by BGTwinDad on Flickr.

Pretty, eh?

This was, I believe, my first opportunity on the trip to attempt some “art” photography.  Most of the rest of the time we’d been in a car or on a boat, taking more-or-less action shots.  Here, I had time to sit down, relax a bit, survey the scene, compose the shot, and try to make something of it.

We drove down from Tok, crossing into Canada near Beaver Creek, and had lunch at a place called Buckshot Betty’s.  Fantastic food!  I had a BLT that would barely fit in my mouth, and if I recall correctly the soup was just as good.  The waitress was very nice, and the restaurant was well appointed.

At the gas station in Tok, I spotted this cool 1950 Mercury at the bar next door.  I couldn’t resist taking a few pictures, and I had a pleasant conversation with the brother-in-law of the owner.  I have no idea how he kept the thing so clean with all the gravel roads about.


We also spotted our first moose (a baby) on the way to the border!


And I couldn’t resist taking a few snapshots of the beautiful scenery along the AlCan Highway…


But on a second long, long driving day, it’s easy to get a little bit bored, even in a place as beautiful as Alaska and the Yukon.


After lunch, we continued the long drive to Haines Junction.  Along the way, we passed a nice overlook onto the Kluane River, where I also tried (again) to get a decent fireweed picture.



We had been warned that our stop for the night, Kathleen Lake Lodge, did not have meals available (something to do with their dining area being renovated or some such…), so we stopped at the Village Bakery in Haines Junction to grab sandwiches for dinner and baked goods for breakfast.

The plan was to have a picnic dinner at the lodge, but the mosquitos were too plenty, so we had to settle for a “picnic” inside our cabin, which was… rustic, but nice.  After dinner, we drove over to the boat dock by the lake, where I took the opening shot, along with a few others.


We didn’t mind the mosquitos so bad, when the view out the cabin window looked like this:


After a hectic start to the trip, and days of long driving through awesome scenery, it was very restful to just sit quietly and look at those mountains, feel the comfortably cool breeze, and let the kids run around a bit. It was as though, for one evening, the world just stopped, and all we had to do was live.

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