World Wide Photo Walk ’13


Yesterday, I stepped a bit out of my “shell” and spent the morning in the company of some other photographers, on Scott Kelby’s World Wide Photo Walk. The WWPW is an annual event where groups in cities all around the world go out together for a few hours to socialize and — of course — shoot and share photos.

(TL;DR version, the rest of my photos are in my Flickr account)

We met at Triangle Square in downtown Lexington, about a dozen of us, and then scattered to wander a loose loop along Main and Short streets, before meeting back up at Sawyer’s to share our experiences.  At first I was rather expecting us to stay together as a group as we walked along, but I actually found it liberating to have 2-1/2 hours to freely explore downtown Lexington with no agenda and no-one else to worry about.

I carried my Lumix G5 with my 14-42mm and 40-150mm zoom lenses in my small shoulder bag. I also brought my Canon 50mm lens, but I forgot the adaptor (which I had “borrowed” to use with my new Tamron 35-135mm zoom), so I didn’t get to use it. Once again, as in Alaska, my Think Tank Lens Changer pouch on my belt was almost perfect for quick lens switches.


One thing I discovered is these neat bourbon barrels. From time to time over the past several years the city has had a number of these art projects where a variety of objects are painted by different artists, displayed around town and then sold at auction for charity (or something like that). We’ve had horses and water barrels, and now there are these bourbon barrels.

I think I’ll try to plan a walk-about to photograph the rest of them.

Here’s my wife’s favorite horse, now on display outside a downtown pub…
I think you can guess why she likes it!

The route also took us by the Lexington Farmer’s Market, where the fall harvest is plentiful.

I went downtown expecting to take architecture and regular street shots…

… but it turns out that the WWPW wasn’t the only event going on in Lexington yesterday. The Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure charity run was also there, and that made for a fantastic photo opportunity. I really never would have seen myself doing this, but I really enjoyed walking amongst the crowd and asking people to take their picture. Everyone was so jubilant and enjoying the beautiful day so much, and most were genuinely flattered that I asked.

The opening photo is my friend Matt, his wife (a survivor and a runner!) and a friend of theirs. Matt is a great guy, and I’m really glad his wife is doing so well.

This is the race winner…

… two seconds after he broke the tape. I had just taken a slow-shutter photo of a nearby water feature, using the two-second timer on my camera. When I heard the announcer say the lead runner was coming in, I rushed over to get “the” finishing shot. I even managed to get into an excellent position… only to find my camera patiently ticking off two seconds, as I had forgotten to turn off the timer. As it turns out, two seconds is an eternity at the end of a race. Oh well, maybe next time.

Here are a few of my favorite shots from the race festivities…





The WWPW was great fun, and would have been anyway, but to be able to also be involved in the Komen race by documenting the happy participants, and to play photojournalist for a morning, was icing on the cake!

Be sure to catch the rest of my shots in my WWPW Flickr Set.


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