Manifest Destiny or Pipe Dream?

I could probably run a blog just reblogging Wayne Hale’s stuff. Here he makes a pretty good argument for why we should — nay, must — continue exploring space. For my part, I think the survival of the species depends upon it. Assuming the good Lord continues to tarry patiently in his return, we’re going to outgrow this little rock, if some wandering asteroid doesn’t do us in first. But more than that, exploration is in our blood, in our souls. It is part of our identity as a species and as a people. Yes, there’s plenty of exploration still to do here, especially in the oceans, but there’s a whole universe out there. if we do not move forward and seek out the unknown, something very important deep within us will die.

Wayne Hale's Blog

“I started out as a child” – William H. Cosby, Jr., Ed.D.

I have been ruined by the timing of my childhood. Grew up with the space race; 3 years old when Sputnik launched, 7 when Gagarin and Shepard flew and JFK promised the moon, allowed to stay up late to watch if Ranger or Surveyor were going to be successful, watched Gemini through grade school, Apollo through High School, and somewhere in between read a host of science fiction stories.
SF definitely ruined my life; captivated as I was at an impressionable age by Asimov, Clark, Heinlein, and so very many others. Watched “Destination Moon” a thousand times along with every other B grade SF movie ever made. Then, of course, came Star Trek. After that show went off prime time network programming, one of the local TV stations in my area showed reruns every night…

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